Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around McMurdo Station

The bustling burg of McMurdo Station viewed from the air

The Chalet: The NSF headquarters building

The Science Support Center building

Building 155: Station core facility: Dining hall, general store, and dormatory.

The dining hall

Some of the dormatory buildings.  The dorms are very crowded this year and are over capacity.  To deal with the overflow bunk beds have been added to house 3 people in the rooms designed to house two people.  Other than that the dorm rooms and facilities are clean and modern.

Some of the older dorm buildings with the BFC (Berg Field Center) and cargo warehouse in background on the left. 

View of McMurdo from above the helo pad.  The large multi-level building in the back is the Crary Science and Engineering Center.

View from McMurdo station of the landing strip on the Ross ice shelf.  The mountains in the background are of the Royal Society Range.  We are scheduled to take a Helo day trip to collect samples in the glacial moraines on the other side of these mountains on Thursday and possibly Friday.  At least that is the plan, weather willing.

Four C-130's on the sea ice landing strip.  These are the workhorses for moving freight from McMurdo to the South Pole Station and the deep camps.  We will be flying in one of these to CTAM on or about Dec 3.  

Two deltas pulling cargo across the sea ice between the ice runway and McMurdo

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