Friday, November 26, 2010

The food pull and packing for the "Deep Field"

Peggy at the field camp food supply loft, showing what happens to Mayonnaise after it is frozen.

Peggy telling Dylan Taylor and John Goodge what food stuffs are available this year.

The shelves in the field food center

The ever popular energy bar section.

John Goodge and Dylan Taylor putting together the food list for the food pull.  The food pull simply refers to the pulling of food off of the shelves--putting the field food stock together.

The field equipment is supplied by the BFC (Berg Field Center).  Here is an assortment of rock hammers and other tools for the field.

More tools from the BFC stockroom.

The eclectic loft at the BFC.

Dylan Taylor and John Goodge planning field details in the BFC loft.

Columns of bundled up Scott tents at the BFC

Row of banana sleds at the BFC

Tanya Dryer organizing and packing food boxes for the first field site in the Miller Range

Mark Fanning packing boxes for the second field site in the Dominion Range.

Food boxes for the Miller Range camp.

No shortage of energy bars.

John Goodge finishing packing up the boxes, getting them ready for the pallet.

Two pallets of food stuffs for the field.  One pallet is for the Miller Range site; the other is for Dominion Range site.

The crew finishing "TCNing" the food and field supplies.  TCN (Tracking Control Number) is often used as a verb in USAP lingo and refers to the process of packing things up and getting them entered in the system to be shipped out to the field.

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