Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting ready to head to CTAM

We are scheduled to leave for CTAM (Central Transantarctic Mountain) base camp tomorrow morning so have one last day in McMurdo to do all the leftover business from work and our e-lives.  Our "bag drag" is scheduled for this evening.  This is when you "drag your bags" (presumably, at least) to the MCC (movement control center).  This is done the day before your flight so that it can be packed up and ready for the C-130 flight.

But today the weather is not terribly conducive to flying.  The winds are blowing out of the S at ~30-35 knots and it is condition 2 out on the sea ice.

The wind is whistling and the helos are grounded

View toward the sea ice from Crary Science building.  Note the row of snowmobiles on the bottom right.

Equipment on the sea ice obscured by the blowing snow

The Chapel of the Snows perched on the edge of a grey/white featureless background

The helos were grounded and lashed down.


  1. Must have been very cold and freezing out there. The snow almost made the place not visible. Yeah, that's literally a "whiteout". Keep posting!

    CTAM Blog