Friday, December 3, 2010

Science Social at the Crary Lab.

Our schedule had us leaving for the field this morning.  Unfortunately, weather and logistics backed up our plan to leave McMurdo today.  Since we were in town, we attended the Friday night social gathering at the Crary Science Lab.  A good time was had by all.

The ceremonial making of the liquid nitrogen ice cream

The band "Condition Fun" entertained the crowd with their Antarctica/McMurdo parodies of popular songs.

Spencer Niebuhr working on satellite imagery of Antarctica--from the University of Minnesota

John Major, a photo journalist from Marquette, Michigan participating in the artist and writers program.

John Goodge and Tanya Dryer

Hubert Staudigal and Jeff Vervoort

David Elliot, Mark Fanning, and Jeff Vervoort

Freida Warra and John Major--a writer (Freida) and a photo journalist (John) from Marquette, Michigan

Jeff Vervoort and John Goodge

Freida Warra and Tanya Dryer

John Goodge and David Elliot

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