Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowmobile shakedown

We rode out of McMurdo to get a little more time on snowmobile before heading out into the field.  We will be driving on blue (glacier) ice, much of it on slopes, and Dylan wanted all to be comfortable driving the skidoos on icy slopes.  So we headed down the sea ice north of McMurdo to drive on the ice sheets coming off of Ross Island.

Please click on photo for a larger view.

Fueling up the skidoos.

Getting off of the Sea ice and onto terra firma

Tanya and Mark and their skidoos

Dylan demonstrates the advanced one-handed backward riding technique

Tanya "Hot Rod" Dryer carves a turn on the slopes.

Tanya didn't have much opportunity to ride snowmobiles growing up in South Africa (none obviously), but learned quickly and did a great job on the snow and ice.

A storm was moving into the area and the winds were whistling

The temps were in the teens but the wind was blowing 25-30 knots making it a bit nippy

Getting ready to head back for McMurdo after finishing training on the icy slopes.

A Weddell Seal was largely disinterested in our activities.

On the sea ice, heading back to McMurdo.


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful there. The air must be so clear and crisp there in Antarctica? It's kind of cold here, but I can't imagine how cold it is there.